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CPC Refresher

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Course Description:

This 2 day CPC Refresher course is designed for transport managers that have been referred by the Traffic Commissioner or advised by the Central Licensing Office or for continual professional development (CPD). Up to date knowledge and a thorough understanding of the day to day rules will enable a transport manager to ensure he has effective and complete control of a transport operation and more importantly their Operator Licence undertakings. The course will also demonstrate to the Traffic Commissioner that you understand the importance of maintaining standards through continual professional development.

Following a public inquiry, a Traffic Commissioner might request the CPC holder and/or the transport manager attend this 2 day CPC refresher training course. Alternatively, you could attend prior to the inquiry and make sure that you are aware exactly what is required of a transport manager.

Friendberry has OCR approval for the running of the Transport Management CPC examinations – centre number : 63814 and is also JAUPT approved for the running of Driver CPC courses – centre number 00228.