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Operator Licence Compliance Audit

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Compliance and Management Control Audit

Obtaining an Operator Licence is relatively simple, maintaining it is a whole different challenge. Friendberry can undertake an audit of your operation. This audit will help you manage your operator licence systems and documentation to ensure you will never put your licence or business at risk.

Our audit service will include : – Full examination of your maintenance arrangements – inspection frequencies, defect reporting, scheduling and preventative maintenance; – Driver licence and Driver CPC checking procedures; – Operator Licence procedures – undertakings, keeping records, variations or additions to the licence, hiring vehicles and keeping records; – Operator Compliance Risk Score (OCRS); – Drivers Hours and Tachograph – procedures, training, records of work, WTD and disciplinary action for non-compliance – Workplace transport safety – site inspection, vehicle movements, coupling/uncoupling, loading and unloading, vehicle selection and suitability and driver training. – Procedures in the event of a road accident; – Offences, fixed penalties, prohibition notices and follow up action;

A full written report of our findings will be provided within 7 days. We will include within the report any remedial action required and any advice given at the audit. Our fees will be dependent upon several factors: the scale and location of your operation; to the number of vehicles and personnel involved in the transport operation.

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