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ADR PowerPoint Training Value Bundle




We are able to supply the following complete bundle offering additional savings. Up to date PowerPoint ‘pptx’ presentation as per the ADR regulations and accompanying other material. 1. PowerPoint ‘pptx’ ADR presentation. ‘pptx’ allows for video clips to be embedded as opposed to the presentation having to search elsewhere for video clips. As an estimate there are around 1400 slides (maybe more) some of which incorporate video clips. The presentations are supplied on a CD Rom that can be copied on to a PC for amendment. The PowerPoint tracks / sequences are: 000 Introduction 001 to 008 Core 101 / 102 Packages 202 / 209 Classes 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 210 Exam details (for use before exams so that SQA details are not omitted should a verifier attend) 301 to 308 Tankers This makes 26 PowerPoint tracks (presentations) in all. Value £350.00 plus vat

2. A set of 8 ADR video sequences aimed specifically at difficult exam subject areas (like limited quantities) and at exam content. The advantage of these videos is that they overcome the otherwise lack of visual images – like say ‘airbags’ or crocidolite’. They are also excellent for refresher where time is limited. The DVD / video sequences are: (i) one video track for each Class exam (directly linked to exam questions) – Class 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 (ii) 8 video tracks covering : regulations, limited quantities, packing groups and transport category, ADR driver training certificate, classes, transport documents, packages and plates, other labels vehicle markings. This makes 14 video tracks in all. Value £250.00 plus vat

3. Three sets of students notes / homework book incorporating revision questions. The revision questions are tailored to each of the three exam sequences (A, B, C). This is on disc for you to print. Students notes have to be given to the students. The exam questions (non multi choice as per SQA requirements) are excellent for use during the 7th DCPC hour. Value £50.00 plus vat

4. A 20 minute DVD covering all of the syllabus – a sort of taster for those who do not have any understanding of ADR and need some insight. Very good if you need to extend to 7 hours for Driver CPC. Value £50.00 plus vat

5. Administration material. (i) Classroom timetable for all the sessions of the week (to be affixed somewhere prominent in the classroom). (ii) Quality control form for students to sign to indicate that they are happy with content and delivery should any subsequent inquiry arise. Value £25.00 plus vat

6. Updating Yearly PowerPoint update for next 12 months incorporating any enhancements that have occurred during the 2015. Value £80.00 plus vat This complete bundle is priced at only £750.00 plus vat


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