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Driver CPC PowerPoint Training


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The presentations are supplied on a CD Rom that can be copied on to a PC for amendment.

000 Introduction to DCPC: 36 slides approx *FREE with any of the presentations below Pastoral elements; fair processing; reasons for doing DCPC and who needs it; how to get a DQC; course timetable; direct syllabus.

001 Maintenance (etc.): 160 slides approx Public enquiries; OCRS; Guide to maintaining roadworthiness; VOSA inspection manual; Safe operators guide; maintenance systems; safety inspections; drivers defect reports; fixed penalties and PG9s; mechanical requirements / inspection; wheel security; tyres; brakes; markings and lamps; agency drivers; driver progress questions.

002 Driving licence protection: 160 slides approx How licences have developed; definition of terms; licence categories explained; licence wording and codes explained; licence renewal; weights; exemptions; ages; CRB; visitors; medicals and ailments; visual acuity; importance of health; drugs and alcohol; mobile phones; towing; who can stop; fixed penalties; licence checking service; SAFED; replacing your licence; driver progress questions.

003 First on the scene and accidents: 200 slides approx Accidents; Highway code; instructions in writing; action to be taken in an emergency; first aid including CPR, shoch, bleeding, AEDs;recovery position, burns; fire including causes, fire triangle; extinguishers; putting out a fire; legal requirements; accidents legally defined; accident reports; insurance; licence implications; vehicle maintenance; driver training; health and safety, accident prevention, tiredness, alcohol and drugs.

004 Loading and load security: 255 slides approx Codes of practice & general safety issues; fixed penalties; the law; the science; load movement during a journey; load securing / restraint; accidents; effect of wind, hills, roughsurfaces, braking, acceleration; roping and sheeting; methods of loading; load distribution and weights; rollover; curtain-sliders; containers; other loads, load calculations; animals; O Licence obligations; manual handling; high loads; STGOs, heavy, wide and long loads; dangerous goods; workplace transport safety; driver security; miscellaneous items.

005 PSV driver – “The Bread Winner”: 240 slides approx The job; employment contracts and the philosophy; working time; cherishing customers; luggage; special needs; schoolchildren; passenger lists; illigal immigrants; alcohol and drugs; teamwork; uniforms; PR; behaviour; customer complaints and code of practice; public address; VOSA implications and checks; breakdown and recovery; on board equipment; videos and CDs; CCTV; safety; seatbelts; accidents and collisions; occupational risks; DVT; bus markings and signs; remedies following accidents and events; aggression and driver safety; bridge strikes; health and safety; being a tour leader; SAFED.

006 Digital Tachograph Using the digital tachograph, Smart cards, lost cards, new mode switch requirements, manual entries, universal time co-ordination, print outs, mixed driving – analogue / digital, enforcement and penalties.

007 Transport Awareness Training This consists of 395 carefully produced Slides covering the following; DVSA Guide for Operators; Licence applications; Driver Hours Rules; Tachographs; Working Time Directive; Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness; Defect Reporting; OCRS; Senior Traffic Commissioners statutory; Guidance and Directions; Relevant traffic acts; Driver Licensing; Driver CPC; Compliance.

008 Tail Lift Familiarisation This is a 3 1/2 hour unit and consists of over 80 slides covering the following: Why do we want a tail lift; risk factors; Tail Lift Specification Guide; Safety Devices; Responsibilities of the user; Training requirements; Regulations – LOLER; Associated equipment; After Loading; Records; Footwear etc.

009 Workplace Safety and Driver Care This NEW course consists of 280 slides covering the following: HSE workplace safety, risk assessment; reversing large vehicles; banksman; signalling and visibility; warning devices; PPE; site safety – speeds, signs, signals and markings; vulnerable road users, Driver health and welfare; eating healthy; stress; safest roads; working nights; on the road problems, accidents and abuse etc.


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